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Elektrik Blanket Cover Art

Elektrik Blanket (2010)

Not-so straight up electro. All songs written, recorded and produced by Samuel Holland using Ableton Live, Operator and Korg RADIAS.

Album art by E. W. Evans.

Special thanks to Liam Daly for help with mastering.

Can be downloaded on bandcamp.
two remixes:

Kardinal Offishal - Belly Dancer (Samuel Holland Remix)
Ben E. King - Stand By Me (Samuel Holland Remix)
Samuel Holland in Speculative Architecture

Samuel Holland in Speculative Architecture (2008)

A smorgbassboard of mostly hip-hop flavored electronics, a little bit of IDM, a little bit of vocals, some dancehall flavors. Primarily constructed using Ableton Live, Operator, Korg Radias, and FL Studio. Certified dope.

Click here to download as .zip or get it from earjuice.

individual album tracks:

01 circle
02 southern cross
03 playthatfunkybeat
04 china
05 sultry
06 brushy
07 thebump
08 blue gel
09 conception dub
10 spaceprobe
11 mahogany

a little cover:

milkshake (milkstep)
hypothetical record label:


tiferet (2005)

My first album. Primarily done in Buzz and FL Studio, respectively the buggiest and queerest of all minor music production software circa 2005.  Heavily IDM influenced instrumental hip hop with a grungy edge.

Caution: may blow your speakers (and possibly your mind) due to extreme bass. I'm not joking.

Click here to download as .zip

individual album tracks:

01 arlington wallpaper
02 juzapose
03 attackbacks
04 hipolishop
05 stonesoups
06 ohiki
07 brittl
08 sketch
09 break
10 my blood
11 playa disco applejack
12 slipslid
13 ricecream
14 drumaceme
15 clean
16 slow laud
17 mmm

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