My music has featured in various video games and video productions since 2007. I am currently available for soundtrack work for independent game developers, artists, and others who may be interested in having some rad electronic music for their project. Contact me at

Arcturus Proving Grounds was a video game released to beta in 2014. I provided the level select and opening theme music.


Beat Fractal was a cancelled game by GreenTeaDevs, with semi-generative music which interacted with the elements of the level. I created 4 audio environments for the game.

SiteLines was a project by public artist Graham Coreil-Allen in 2015. I provided soundtracks to two videos for this project.

Roguescroll is a browser-based “one dimensional roguelike” currently in development by John Holland. I provided the musical parts for this product, which are synched to the colors of levels as they are entered.