Soundcloud: Solune

Solune was my colloborative project with the incomparable Elizabeth Jacobs. The songs are somewhere between hip hop and folktronica. Think Massive Attack with banjos. It’s better than it sounds, I swear! Solune soundcloud  

GitHub: selenium-gradle-example

I’ve branched djangofan’s great repository selenium-gradle-example in order to learn selenium. It is well put together but needs some updating. Thus far I’ve done the following: Enabled IntelliJ IDEA support Gotten Selenium playing nicely in Firefox Gotten the basic Selenium tests working on the Etsy siteĀ (search terms and CSS locators had to be changed to […]

Soundcloud: Metal Tiger

My main music project. Mostly hip-hop infused rhythms, with synths and samples since 2010. Some more techno or industrial stuff, some reflection of my IDM roots (think Prefuse 73 or Pretty Lights). Tends to get kinda dark, although that’s been changing. Metal Tiger

GitHub: loopist

Loopist was a collaborative project with my brother John. We were aiming to a) teach me some Javascript in practice and b) utilize some of the music resources that never panned out from a game that was squashed by legal action. In its final form it was a semi-functional music tool which could launch different […]